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At Big Sky Paint and Design your dreams can be accomplished. Our expertise staff can meet any budget by being able to repaint cabinets or design you a whole new kitchen. Because we have been in the Gallatin Vally for so long our subcontractors are not just subs. They are our friends. Working on a project with friends makes communication better and mistakes happen a less. ​

Whatever your vision, big or small we are happy to accommodate you. Paint and design is not just a job it is our passion. We work with home owners and business owners. Delivering contract grade and residential projects that wow customers. Our understanding of the development behind each step of every project makes our project go smooth. The hands on approach that we take creates projects that are done on time.


It's not all us though, we have an amazing group of licensed subcontractors that work with us. Our software team double-checks each design with the NKBA standards. Our electricians, counter installers, carpenters, tilers and flooring subs have worked on multiple jobs with us. our relationships are paramount and create an atmosphere like no other. 


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